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Highly responsive insurance sales letters that make your phone ring!

Direct Mail - Direct Response, Insurance Sales Letters. Written and designed to fulfill one objective: the make your phone ring. Order Today.

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If you or any of your clients sell Insurance, be sure to check out our Insurance Sales Letters. A set of 12 Insurance Sales Letters written and designed by master direct response copywriter Jeffrey Dobkin. These letters have one specific objective - make your phone ring.

We've distilled our awesome series of Insurance Sales Letters to fulfill a single objective: to make your phone ring. And that's exactly what each letter does - our series of 12 individual Insurance Sales Letters make customers and prospects call you.

All 12 letters are just $300 complete - for the entire set. Written - and Designed - in Microsoft Word.

If you were to have Dobkin write these for you, the cost would be about ten grand (really - personalized letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin cost between $850 and $1,250 per page.) This set of sales letters is just $300 for unlimited personal use from your business. Mail as many times as you like.

A great value because these letters really work: just mail and watch your phone ring. Order today, mail tonight. Letters are 100% ready to mail. Questions - call us 610-642-1000. Thanks.

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