Audio-Jeff Dobkin/National Postal Forum

Jeff Dobkin, The Top Ten in Direct Mail - Audio

Fun-filled and fast-paced, Jeffrey Dobkin addresses the U.S. Post Office at their National Postal Forum, Washington, D.C. Learn the top insider's tips and tricks to increase response in your direct mail program.

Jeffrey Dobkin · Audio Presentation at the U.S. Postal Service
National Postal Forum · Washington, D.C.

Enjoy this fun and humorous presentation to a cold room at 10:30 AM to kick off the National Postal Forum in Washington, D.C. Hear Jeff in one of his few sober moments on his road trip to the nation's capital. Follow Jeff as he keeps hung-over conference attendees awake through his fun-filled presentation on increasing response and creating effective direct mail.

You'll enjoy this presentation even if it's only to listen to Jeff's stale jokes, but you'll stay tuned-in for all the lean and practical tips he gives throughout. This presentation is extracted from his newest book, The Top Ten in Direct Marketing, due out in 2010. Please make sure you are on our mailing list to receive notification when this book is ready — be the first on your block to purchase a real copy (signed by Jeff) or download an e-book copy from our site. Thanks. This is a great presentation and as all our products, comes with a money back guarantee of complete satisfaction. Thank you for shopping our site, and ordering our products. We appreciate your business. Reasonably Priced at just $19.95

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