Life's Too Short… to dance with ugly women.

Jokes, sayings, one-liners and quotes about women

Funniest book on women ever written, and the best time any man can have for under ten bucks. Buy now before some crazy woman offs us, and we take this title off the market. 237 pages. Nothing but the best jokes, one liners, sayings and quotes.

Life's Too Short to Dance with Ugly Women…

A very funny book filled with Jokes, One-Liners and Quotes about Women. Nothing too harsh, just the right mix of humor and truthful insight. We've never met a man who didn't like this title, or... a woman who did. But that's not important now, what's important is I have a beautiful blond secretary who reminds me of my wife. Every time I get a little too close to her, she reminds me of my wife.

Edited by the notable Dr. Manly Man. Reasonably priced for both ebook and hardcover. You'll like this title, and that's not just our opinion, it's... OK, it's our opinion. Hey, while you're sitting there, please buy this book - we need the money. Just kidding - you don't have to buy this book. Just send the money.

Life's Too Short: 234 pages of fast-paced fun and funny Manly Mann humor. We love women, but sometimes its just great to be a guy:

You can be President; foreplay is optional; wrinkles add character — and while some women can fake an orgasm, men can fake whole relationships.

Content includes Sayings about Women:

If you want to know why they're called the opposite sex, express an opinion!

Give a woman an inch... and she thinks she's a ruler.

Overheard: "Carry your bag, sir?" "No, let her walk."

More Sayings: I'd like to smother my wife in diamonds... but there must be a cheaper way.

Definitions: Mink coat — something you give to your wife to keep her warm... or quiet.

More than 160 pages of jokes and one liners - this book is fun and funny!

Plus over 50 pages of Quotes:

"Here's to women. If we could only fall into their arms without falling into their hands."
Ambrose Bierce

"A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke." Rudyard Kipling

"All tragedies are finished by a death, all comedies are ended by a marriage." Lord Byron

"Never trust a woman who would tell one her real age. A woman who would tell one that would tell one anything." Oscar Wilde

Want more? If you're a man, you'd be crazy not to buy this book! It's so funny with hundreds of quotes and jokes and great references to men and fun references to women. If you're a women, er... this book isn't for you — maybe you shouldn't buy it. And if you buy it - don't blame us, we told you not to buy it! We can't help it if you can't follow instructions. New, from Danielle Adams Publishing

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