e-Book, Direct Marketing Strategies

Excellent How-To information on direct marketing

Jeffrey Dobkin's articles have been published in over 300 magazines. His writes in an easy to read, conversational style and goes into good depth on how to make your marketing more effective and make your phone right more often, with high quality of call.

Dobkin's books are required reading for any marketing campaign. His marketing and direct marketing techniques are effective at all levels - novice inventor through astute marketing professional - and his tips and instruction on marketing, priceless. All written in his brilliant, conversational style that makes reading his books and articles so enjoyable and breezey. Jeff Dobkin's marketing books = 5 stars.
Includes how to find the groups of people (markets) that are most likely to buy your goods or services, and ready to purchase. Then, how to reach them, and create and deliver your most effective sales message —— at the lowest possible cost.
Lean, how-to information on finding and analyzing markets, effective PR techniques, creating direct mail and buying the right mailing lists, testing, buying ad space at discount and the specifics of rate negotiation, finding all the magazines that serve any industry, working with agencies… anything and everything you need to create an effective advertising and marketing campaign and bring in maximum response — and sales. Dobkin has sold over 25,000 books - less than 5 returns.

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